If you happen to scrap your car, you have to make sure you do it legally using an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). These facilities ensure that any hazardous materials or substances are removed from the vehicle before they are scrapped.

If you have managed to get a good price for scrapping your car and are wondering what happens when your vehicle is put through the scrapping process, below you will find the list of processes that are carried out.

Your vehicle contains many dangerous materials and fluids that first need to be removed from the vehicle so that any harmful chemicals do not get absorbed into the soil. This process is called the Vehicle Depollution Process.

Firstly the lead based acid battery is removed to ensure nothing dangerous remains.  The tyres are then removed from the car and recycled. They are  taken to a specialist recycling centre because too many tyres in one location is dangerous and can be a fire risk because they burn for long periods of time at dangerously high temperatures.

LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas tanks are very hazardous and are removed to ensure no explosions ensue during the crushing process. Other possible explosions can happen from the chemicals found in the air bags and belt pre-tensioners, therefore for safety reasons the air bags are deployed and the belts detached. Air conditioning fluid is also drained and anything that contains mercury such as switches are also removed.

Catalytic convertors are removed because they can contain pollutants that have built up over the year. Finally the vehicles fuel tank is removed or the fuel is drained including any oil and anti freeze. Finally the oil filter, any glass, lights and large plastics like the bumpers are removed and then the vehicle is ready for the shredding process.

The next phase involves removing plastics and metals from the vehicle so that they can be recycled.
The vehicle is then put through the shredding process, which is essentially a giant paper shredder for metal.

This is the process an authorised treatment facility will do, if you are looking for the best price do not forget to ensure that the company you are using are actually ATF registered. It is illegal to accept cash for scrapping your in the UK, make sure you only get paid by cheque or bank payment.

Before you scrap your car ensure you notify the DVLA, or you will be liable for any tax on the vehicle.